How to drip out my course content to students

Generally, when my Teachable clients want to drip out the content of their courses it is for one of two reasons. First, they are only opening up their course during a specific time frame and want all their students absorbing the content at the same pace. This usually goes hand in hand with having a private Facebook group only for their students. Second, they want to help ensure that people will not buy the course, rush through it, and demand a refund.

Fortunately Teachable has provided ways to help with this. The process for both cases begins in the same way. You will need to go to your admin area and go to “settings.” Once you are in settings find the “Labs” section. Don’t be afraid we won’t break anything. In the Lab section is Drip you will see a button inviting you to activate Drip. Do this. Once activated you will be able to choose the course that you wish to drip out content for.

After you have chosen the course you will see each section of the course listed with two options. You can either release that section on a specific date. Which is what you would do if you want all the students to receive content at the same time. Or you can choose to release each section within a certain period of time based on a student’s enrollment. This can help keep students from soaking up as much information as possible and then asking for a refund. It is also helpful if you have a very intense course. You may want to provide your students time to process the information in each section and act upon it before moving to the next section.

What next?

Once you have decided how you will be dripping out your content Teachable gives you the option to set up an email announcement. This is an email that arrives from Teachable to each student once the next section of the course is available. If you choose to do this, you can customize the subject line and content of the email to let your students know that the next module is live and ready for them on their course page.

Dripping out content can be very useful for course creators in certain situations. Teachable has made it easy for course creators to set up this system with minimal effort on your part.