Hey there! I’m so excited that you are interested in working together!

I know it is important to make sure we are a good fit before we jump into working together so here is a little bit about how I work so you can see if I am exactly what you are looking for (hint: I am!).

Contact Information:

Email: ​angela@thejugglingva.com
Skype: aacegreeder
Facebook: facebook.com/thejugglingva.com


My “official” office hours are Monday through Friday 9am-2pm EST. During office hours my
email response time will be within 4 hours. ​I am available by phone or Skype through my
scheduler. I am also available via FB messenger during business hours as well.

Unofficial Communication

This is the “I reserve our right to not do this…but honestly…this is really what you can expect…” 🙂

  • Most of my uninterrupted hours are in the early mornings and late evenings. So
    response time between Monday and Friday 6am-10am and 8pm-10pm will usually be
    around 2 hours. I do periodically check my emails on the weekend by I can’t guarantee
    a response before Monday. I reserve Saturdays for family time so you are unlikely to
    get more than an acknowledgement email from me on that day.

(Note: I know that we live in a time of instant communication so there is something I would like to mention. Even during my “off” hours I try to send a courtesy acknowledgement email letting you know I have received your communication. It won’t be a long email or have a lot of information nor does it mean that I am “on the clock” and available to chat or work. It is just a courtesy so you aren’t wondering if the email went through. If you FB message me during non-business hours I reserve the right to check your message and not respond immediately. This is because I know the app will tell you that I have read your message.)

Scheduling Meetings

If we need to have a more interactive conversation you may schedule a call with me via my scheduler these calls are typically 30 minutes in length or less. I know that sometimes it is easier/faster to speak in real time than to type back and forth and I want to accommodate this with my clients.

Turn around Time

If we are currently working on a project: I ​try really hard to stick to the timeline that I have laid out in the proposal. Usually, there are a certain number of deliverables or milestones that I have assigned so I try to make sure that we hit that deadline. Things that slow the deadline down are:
● Excessive revisions
● Delay in getting me elements that I need such as copy, graphics, photos, etc.
If you have hired me on retainer: My standard turnaround time for tasks is 48 hours. Most tasks can be accomplished in 24 hours if necessary. However, anything that ​requires​ a less than 24-hour turnaround may be billed at an increased rate which will be added to the next monthly invoice.

File Management- Google Docs

In terms of the way I manage my documents and tools, the most effective way is to use Google Docs. The reason for this is:
1. We can communicate on Google Docs with the comments area.
2. There is always a live updated version.
3. I do not use Word products so if you send me something that is a Word doc (or excel, PowerPoint, etc), I cannot open it and have to transfer it into Google Docs (or other equivalent program).

When we start working together I will create a folder which you will have access to and at any point you wish to share documents with me you can share it with my email angela@thejugglingva.com


Passwords and login information can be shared either via the shared Google drive or through Last Pass whichever you are more comfortable with.

Project Management Tools:

I have accounts with Teamwork, Asana, and Trello. I am a pen and paper kind of gal myself but I can work in whichever PM tool you prefer.

Invoicing and Payments

The current way that I do invoicing is through Dubsado. It will automatically send you reminders of payment so if you get one of those please don’t think that I am sitting there pushing send to remind you. For projects I require some payment up front. We will work out the details depending on your particular project. For retainers, the initial invoice will be included in the welcome email with our contract and access to your client portal where you will be able to view your contract, invoices, and any forms you may fill out. After that you will receive and invoice monthly which will be due on the agreed upon date.

A Few Random Tidbits about Me

(because it isn’t really an about page if I don’t tell you a little bit about me)

● I love to read and learn. This means I am a sort of jack-of-all-trades. The upside (for you) is that I am always picking up new skills and that if I don’t know an answer I usually know where to look and will happily go chasing rabbits to find it.
● I have three kids. Only one of them is in school currently and the younger two do not nap. Despite my best effort, you may occasionally hear a squeal or two in the background of a call or see a tiny face pop up on a Skype. I will endeavor to keep these interruptions to a minimum.
● I have a laid back personality, but I am a bit of an introvert so my communications may have a bit of an erratic friendly/professional feel. I’m working on it. 🙂
● I keep chickens in my backyard. This has nothing to do with me professionally, but it is a fun random fact. 🙂